PHOBOS 2089: Idle Tactical

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A unique blend of Military Tactical Planning and Idle RPG in a modern-day setting.
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Dino Games Co
Jan 4, 2021
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If you are a fan of 3D shooters, you cannot ignore PHOBOS 2089, a hot game. In a world, players transform into agents and embark on dangerous and wild missions with various weapons in their inventory. Fighting enemies alone is complex, very exciting, and challenging. When you start the game, you automatically get interested in the game by telling an interesting story behind it. This game is somewhat similar to Half-Life. The player character is an excellent soldier passing through a rather realistic location, encountering different types of mountains on his way. Different types of weapons play an important role against certain monsters and are ineffective against others. The weapon
is introduced by modern guns or may appear for a short time. You don’t usually fight alone – for some reason, the warriors that accompany you appear quite often.
The story behind this amazing game is based on ancient Greek mythology. He is the god of the sun, rain, and wind. He can control any element, meaning he has almighty power over the sun, rain, and wind. She is the goddess of healing, war, and the arts. In the battles of this game, a number of dangerous tools were used, such as maces, bows, and arrows. Your enemies can be divided into different groups such as enemies of humans, animals, dragons, and mythical creatures. Each group has its own rank when it comes to the health bar. This is a multiplayer RPG
mobile game for people who like multiplayer action games. This means you need a smartphone and an internet connection to play this game smoothly.
So you should download this amazing entertaining game app.


A combination of hands-on activities and RPG, where players will fight enemy troops, and elite special forces soldiers. During the passage, the user has to shoot zombies and mutants in different places. To destroy the enemy, he will be able to use modern guns, which can be placed in three empty cells. Almost every weapon you can upgrade with different types. In addition, you have to upgrade the characteristics depending on the character. As an alternative, this one offers unlimited coins to unlock and upgrade characters, tools, and weapons. Take advantage of security protocols and free versions.
No root is required to install it, so it provides anti-forbidden properties.


Various kinds of unique features make this game more enjoyable You can easily connect to the internet while playing this game through your mobile phone.

Arsenal Horror

Players will be forwarded to professional agents to receive missions. In PHOBOS 2089 there are many types of guns such as long guns, rifles, rifles, sniper rifles, etc. You have an arsenal with a capacity of up to thousands of types. You need to collect weapons by opening your chest. If you are lucky, you can get rare weapons. The good thing about this game is that it has millions of weapons to use. Each weapon has different effects and characteristics; you can use them depending on your game situation. For example, you can use your mace to hit human enemies and you can use your bow to kill animals and dragons. Your enemies can also be injured or killed using

Complete the task at hand

while playing you will receive a notification that the player is receiving a new mission.
When you open the door, entering a secret room to get information or kill someone is a daily task. After receiving the mission, you will choose the appropriate tools such as the gun you want, and start working. Whenever enemies appear to stop you, such as guard wolves, soldiers, etc. Move around the gun and shoot them all when they attack you. Maintain a real distance from your enemies. When you miss multiple times and take a lot of damage, you will be killed by the enemy.

Cannon Upgrades

Cannons’ power increases as you upgrade them. Level 1 guns are those with light damage. After upgrading, weapons, quality, and outlook can be changed. They will become more elegant and substantial enough. You can collect items and coins to upgrade weapons. Using high-level guns will have a higher chance of victory than using elemental weapons.

Trusted game controller.

Now the player must muster up the courage to rescue his pet and return home. He also faces battles with villains and adventure quests of a different kind in between. The game has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require too much experience or RPG knowledge to play this game. This
RPG Games will surely satisfy your need to play a good RPG game full of pleasure.


We have covered all the information about this PHOBOS 2089 game. We offer you the version of this app. This version will get all the advanced features of the app for free. Get all the gear and gear unlocked for you and enjoy a unique experience. Best of all, it’s free! So what are you waiting for to enjoy the amazing features of this game, you must download the game and have fun.

What's new

*Find the right tool for the job with an overhauled Weapon Selection screen.
*Expanded set of controls in battle will get you out of any combat situation.


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