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It is one of the best action games where you plunge into the playing field of endless battles with extreme intensity in the game. This is an RPG game that gives the user the most intensity between good and evil. The most dramatic war in 3D ultra HD graphics is waged here in the game to give the user the most advanced gameplay on the ultra classic theme and designed environment.

Soulcraft is an action role-playing game based on cutting-edge technology to provide users with seemingly deadly battles with powerful weapons and skills against enemies. Here, you will play as one of the angels, whose lost mission is to save humanity from evil forces and attacks on the planet.
The attractive scenario draws all players into the fierce battle in the battles, explaining the reasons. You will experience design battles and decisive battles against the forces of evil. As an angel, you have to go to the planet where you will attack the evil forces in the chaotic world and save humanity from them.

Soulcraft comes with great designs from a character perspective; Your character is convincing and capable of great destruction. You will travel through beautiful cities that are fighting against the forces of evil like Venice, Roam, Hamburg, New York, Mumbai, Egypt, etc., and multiple modes to explore battles and collect loot as you upgrade weapons, skills, characters, and landscapes.


Soulcraft is the premium version of the game provided for free. It is a replacement and modified variant of the original, providing users with all premium tools and unlocked devices for free. Here you get levels, stages unlocked for free, characters unlocked, powers unlocked, and free use of ultra-modern weapons. Unlimited coins, unlimited coins help users to upgrade and improve tools, skills, powers, weapons, etc.
You can buy any equipment and tools in the game in the store and for free. The mod version is available on our website for you to download for free; There is no ad blocking policy and remove ads from the game, enjoy the uninterrupted game flow. No need to root during installation and thus provide anti-ban and anti-virus properties in version

Game Features

Soulcraft comes with controlled and intense features to Explore the concept of an illusion world game where you have to save humanity from evil beasts and demons. We have discussed some of the features in detail below;

Excellent graphical representation of elements

Here you will get the most enhanced combat experience as the game features are designed according to the most advanced protocols. Every game element and outlook is accompanied by the most thrilling simulation in ultra HD graphics. The most remarkable graphics in the 3D world make the game scene very chaotic. Character design, weapon perspective, and battlefield based on real world, all make the game amazing.

The fight for good, against evil

Here you will play the role of an angel from another world and also your family when the evil forces attacked humanity and destroyed the world. the beautiful world of humans, killing them all. You must go with your family and friends to save humanity from these evil forces. Join the world clashes against the forces of evil and destroy them all by repelling them. All kinds of resources are available to kill monsters and youkai.

Explore different locations in the world in battles

Soulcraft provides users with a chance to explore the world and its famous places like Venice, Egypt, New York, Moscow, Dubai, Mumbai, Capetown, and other magnificent places where all the battles took place bringing home a different perspective. The best-designed battles are in the world’s most interesting and embellished situations, which are especially well simulated in games. You can easily get lost in the serenity of these places.

What's new

Auto close loading scene, new icon, updated libraries to the latest version: Google Silent SignIn works, Removed Extra Registration after SignIn, In App Purchases -> new Billing Library v4 and many crashes don't happen anymore. Any device below Android 7 (Nougat) or intel x86 (old Android TVs) isn't supported anymore as those new libraries don't go back that far. Stay on an older version if you still have a device this old (6+ years ago).


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