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Mar 7, 2023
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his app has tracked all network usage. Each calculation appears by forming a table. Normally, any Android device does not contain network monitor usage. App developer Ookla has planned to launch a monitoring app for all users.No need to root their phone to use this app. Most of the underrated apps need to root the mobile device to track usage.


Speedtest by Ookla Premium APK can measure internet connection speed on all Android devices. When you start using the games and apps that are necessary to connect to the internet, your data will be lost faster. Most people use social platforms using mobile data. Non-wifi users are still affected by data issues. Because all Android software uses background data on mobile devices. As a result, the data limit was reached faster. After the internet connection is broken, the device will have many problems. Cell phone coverage is mostly full, but the internet is slow. Users tried to fix the problem by restarting and shutting down their mobile phones. But you cannot solve this data connection speed problem. Now you want the best internet speed test app to test connection speed. Speed ​​Test by Ookla Premium APK is a worthy app to test data connection speed. They monitor the use of internet connections in the application. Before coming to this app, everyone tests their speed in Google searches. Whenever speed testing in the browser is not possible for people. So the app developer is planning to launch the app to solve your problem. Don’t worry about app money and app developer provide this app completely free. Click the Start button to launch the application and analyze the internet connection speed. After the speed test, the results are provided correctly in the columns. Two tests are tested in the app. Both upload and download speeds are tested and both results are displayed in the results section.

Speed ​​4K Video

Speedtest by Ookla Premium APK provides, users can test the network connection to play 4K videos. Most users use wifi connection at home. When you start watching 4K videos on YouTube, it includes unlimited wifi data. But the streaming video quality is poor. So app developer introduced 4K video speed for you. After using Video Speed ​​Test by Ookla Premium APK, the app started measuring. After clicking on the section to play the 4K video preset in the app, data usage will be monitored. The amount of data transmitted and received is displayed in the
results section. In addition, the connection speed also appears in the results. Great developer features. VPN Connection Speed ​​Test of Ookla Premium APK provides a free VPN feature for all users. Any user can try a VPN connection using this app. You never need to download additional apps to use a VPN. Many VPN-providing apps are available on Google Play. But these apps require a certain amount to use. Not only once, but users can also use 2GB of bandwidth per month. After the start of the month, 2 GB is made available to your app account again.

Coverage Map

Speed ​​Test by Ookla Premium APK comes with a network coverage map. Most of us face internet coverage problems in our hometowns or tourist destinations. Use this coverage map feature to find high network coverage on the map. View the map to get highly accurate networked locations. In addition, the developer has added an extra feature to this section. In your current living space, you can compare your connection with other available network connections. Also, check the 5G coverage with the map.

Measure 5G connection

Speed ​​Test by Ookla Premium APK is ready to test 5G connection speed. In 2020, the 5G internet connection is fully ready for use. But most speed test apps don’t measure 5G internet connection speed perfectly. Don’t worry, and developer Ookla has added a feature that accurately measures 5G connection speeds. Compared to 4G connection speed, 5G is 5 times faster.

Accurate Results

Speed ​​Test by Ookla Premium APK provides a UI-designed results table for each user. After completing the internet speed test, the results appear on the screen with the new user interface. At the top, you’ll see the download speed in Mbps. In the second section, you can see the download speed in Mbps. Finally, at the bottom, the internet ping was perfectly measured and appeared. Know your internet connection details from this app.


Overall, we have covered all the details of the Speed ​​Test with Ookla Premium APK.Great Android tool for every user. Never miss this app. Optimized UI will give a more optimized design. The results also appear in the new user interface model. Since the original version, you are limited to 2 GB of bandwidth that is only used for VPN.Try our version to get a free unlimited VPN connection.

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