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Tap Titans download latest version

Tap Titans  download latest version
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It would seem that you need to press the screen anywhere, but it’s not as easy as it seems. You need to tap the screen quickly, timely, and continuously to defeat all the monsters in Tap Titans mod apk.

First Run

The first time you enter the game, you need to name your character. The possibilities of the built-in editor stop there. We immediately appear on the bridge with a massive monster in front. You have to press the screen immediately to prevent the enemy from coming to his senses and dealing us a crushing blow.

Gameplay Features Tap Titans

Tappers are a particular genre of games on mobile devices. The entire gameplay is based on regular screen taps. In most such games, you only need to tap on the screen to earn money.

But in Tap Titans mod, you need to tap the screen to confront the strongest monsters. The initial monsters will seem pretty harmless to you. After all, they’re big, uncontroversial, slow, and have little health.

You’ll only need to tap the screen a couple of times to destroy them. But don’t jump to conclusions! This is just a training session. Soon monsters will appear, and you’ll have to do your best to kill them! Each level has ten monsters, including the final boss.

For the successful killing of monsters, are given game coins. With these coins, you can buy a variety of improvements (protective, attacking, etc.).

In addition, game currency can be spent to buy new characters, new weapons, pumping unique abilities.

Below you can download the original and hack for money version of the game Tap Titans.

- Added Privacy Policy Agreement
- Removed usage of IMEI and Android ID (SSAID)
- Removed advertisements
- Migrated to HTTPS
Tap Titans  download latest version
Download Tap Titans download latest version 
Tap Titans v4.1.6
Download - 75,7 MB

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